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BABA ANI was born on in the year 1936; august to be precise he attended Ansar Ru
Deen pry school Alakoro, Lagos, National primary school Epe, All saints school, Oshogbo, National high school Ebute Metta, Lagos.

He wrote the GCE ordinary and the advanced level and got admitted into university of Lagos to read law.

He was however not able to achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer as a result of an illness which led to his withdrawal from the course

He leant music under Pa Chris Ajilo in the year 1959, he joined Fela Anikulapo band in year 1965, he plays the baritone saxophone percussion and piano, he also sings which led to the release of his first album in 1995 under kalakuta label, the album was titled “Low profile not for the blind” had tracks like Se rere, selfishness, and mismanagement can run u cant hide, world materialism and others.

The song Se rere was used in sound track Muhammad Ali movie rumble in the jungle
His relationship with Fela was very cordial but there are moments of disagreement, which was resolved. Fela had the last say as the leader of the band

As regard to Felas death Baba Ani says he misses him but life has top continue
He gave an insight into various metamorphosis Felas band has gone through since inception

The change in name of the band is as follow
1.Fela Ransome Kuti and cooler Lobito
2.Nigeria 70
3.Africa 70
4.Egypt 80
He believes that what informed the changing of the band name was Felas deep involvement in PAN Africanism

He sees himself and the late Fela as prophet because of the follower ship or discipleship he says they prick the consciousness of the people through music so that they can think and take appropriate action to better Africa and African in general

As at the time Egypt 80 started the crusade in exposing the ills of the society other artiste were busy singing the praises of rogues in government because they did not want to get into bad books of the power that be he pointed out that nowadays the younger musicians have courage to say things the way they want by taking a cue from their effort that is why you hear Nigeria jagajaga by Eedris Abdukarim it was only Fela that could do that then
Baba Ani still performs with the Egypt 80 band and with other veteran like elder Steve Rhodes (late) he and some elders in the band groom Seun kuti and now that he is of age he is the leader of the band, the band has travel on tour to Canada, Italy and USA

Baba Anima Shaun is a vegetarian eats a lot of sea food fish and smoke NGG Nigerian green grass occasionally. One of his grandsons has show interest in music so far he plays sax

His relationship with other veterans like Fatai Rolling dollar, Orlando Julius YS Akinnibosun, Tunde ososfisan KSA, Ebenezer Obey is very cordial.

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Anonymous said...

Baba Ani is the most loyal member of any band in the world, Forty six years and counting.